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AI in the creation of training videos

The concept of artificial intelligence has received a lot of attention in recent years, thanks to technological advances and its expansion into everyday life. Most researchers agree that AI aims to make our everyday lives easier and more efficient. Mõelgem kasvõi nutikatele assistentidele meie taskutes nutitelefonide näol (häälkäsklused või näotuvastus), isesõitvatele autodele või hulgalistele algoritmidele Google'i otsingumootoris. Oleme harjunud sellega, et tehnoloogia aitab meil teatud igapäevaste tegevustega toime tulla. So why can't AI also help us with training activities at work? Getsmart introduces an AI-powered training video that creates new ways to create training videos quickly and conveniently. kiirelt ja mugavalt.

AI in the creation of training videos

AI plays two main roles in the creation of training videos: visualisation (virtual avatar) and speech generation in different languages (speech synthesis).

  • An avatar, or virtual representation of the performer. Compared to a traditional training video, where the physical performer plays a leading role in conveying the content, an AI training video uses an avatar, or virtual representation of the performer, which generates mimicry and synchronises lip movements according to the text. In the training video, it is possible to use both the Getsmart trainer avatar and to create a personalised trainer avatar for the client.
  • Speech synthesis ensures that the text of the training video is as truthful and correct as possible in more than 60 different languages. All you need is the text in the target language and the AI will take care of the rest. It is not necessary to record the instructor's voice separately, but the instructor's voice can be used in the training video if desired.
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Applications of AI training videos

Based on our experience, we recommend that AI training video should be considered for training needs where the emotion and feelings conveyed by the presenter are less important than the information conveyed. Therefore, AI training video is particularly suitable for example:

  • clarify the work rules
  • guidance on the use of software or online environments
  • prepare answers to frequently asked questions
  • explain the processes
The benefits of using an AI training video
  1. 60+ different languages By creating the content of a training video once, it is possible to export the video in several different languages, so that it can be used to train the whole group (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, etc.) in their native language. We take care of the necessary text translation.
  2. Quickly ready to use. While traditionally the video production process tends to take longer because it involves several stages of preparation and post-production, creating an AI training video is a much faster process.
  3. Ready for change. All of the AI training videos we create are also editable, which is often a concern with conventional training videos. Because we use a virtual avatar to create the training video, it is also possible to edit the content of the training video later without having to film new frames.
  4. Free from fear. We have often experienced that rather few people feel comfortable in front of the camera. When filming conventional training videos, the Getsmart team can help Getsmart meeskond kyou to effectively get rid of camera fear. With the use of a virtual avatar, there is no need to film the presenter for the training video. All that is needed is the content of the training, i.e. the text, and the AI takes care of the rest.
Tehisintellektiga koolitusvideote kasutusalad

It is clear that artificial intelligence is an integral part of life today. AI training videos make the process of creating training videos easier and faster, while maintaining the effectiveness and engaging aspect of training videos that is important to the Getsmart team. If you feel that an AI training video has sparked your interest, please contact us to discuss further.

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